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A four diamond resort, The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa has a rich history. 

Constructed in 1913, the hotel was the inspiration of E.W. Grove, who was from St. Louis and made his fortune bottling an elixir of his own making called Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic.  The spirit of healing and the healthy life extended from his tonic to his hotel, which he said he designed as “a big home where every modern convenience could be found, but with all the old-fashioned qualities of genuineness with no sham” (Grove Park Inn).  In an era that was interested in providing rest cures and sanatoriums for the sick, Grove’s vision was not only progressive but also proactive in providing the healthy with calm, healing spaces for the prevention of disease.  Grove Park notes that “even more impressive than the grandeur and the spectacle of the achievement [of building the “landmark hotel in less than one year”], the most notable feature of the new resort was the idea it represented: to provide its guests with a unique respite from the outside world” ( Stay Magazine 2010:2). 

According to Grove Park historians, the inn was "modeled after the grand old railway hotels of the West" and "built from a sketch made by Grove’s son-in-law, the enterprising Fred Seely (who would become its first general manager). It took a crew of 400 men only 12 months to build the majestic landmark, dragging hundreds of tons of boulders up the mountainside with the aid of teams of mules, ropes and pulleys, wagons and a lone steam shovel" (The Grove Park Inn).  However, the Great Depression and WWII were lean years for the Inn, and by the end of the war, "the only thing that kept the Inn standing was the prohibitive cost of tearing it down" (Grove Park Inn).  In 1955, Charles and Elaine Sammons invested in Grove Park and began the process of shepherding it to a full restoration.  By 1973, they saw it placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The series of restorations and renovations that began during this period would result in the construction of the Sammons and Vanderbilt wings and the hotel's world-class Spa. True to Grove's original vision, the Inn has continued to provide a “respite” over the years.

Many would agree.  Ten U.S. presidents have holidayed at The Grove Park, including Presidents William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, George H. W. Bush, and Bill J. Clinton.  Most recently, President Barack H. Obama campaigned in Asheville and, last year, spent his summer vacation here.  Authors  such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda have vacationed here; statesmen, businessmen, and inventors like Henry Kissinger, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firstone have played golf here, and stars such as Harry Houdini, Jack Lemmon, Anthony Hopkins, Judy Collins, Gene Hackman, and even Mickey Mouse have spent the night here.

With views of the Blue Ridge from just about every vantage point in the hotel, two 14-foot stone fireplaces with working elevators concealed in their chimneys, the 24-foot ceilings of the Great Hall, a mountain view terrace ready and waiting for guests to linger for a while over morning coffee or catch up with one another in oversized rocking chairs, three full-service restaurants, two cafés, and three bars, the Grove Park is, itself, a destination.

Guests also enjoy the healing mineral waters and energizing treatments that can be found in Grove Park’s 43,000 square-foot spa that was ranked 13th in the world by Travel & Leisure in 2008 and 7th in North America in 2010.  Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named the Grove Park’s 18-hole golf course as one of the top fifteen courses in the southern U.S. in 2011.  And the International Resort and Hotel Association gave the Grove Park their Green Award for Luxury Hotels and ranked them #3 in the world for attending to mother earth. 

Come enjoy a weekend dedicated to discussions of eighteenth-century literature, history, philosophy, art, and drama in an historic, turn-of-the-century setting.


Remember to make your hotel reservations with The Grove Park Inn by January 20, 2012, to receive the special $145 conference rate. 

In order to receive this special rate, please let the hotel know that you will be attending the SCSECS conference and that your Group Reservation ID Number is 1001458.  Please give both conference name and ID number to ensure that you receive the correct rate and that SCSECS receives credit for meeting our room block obligation. 

To encourage student participation, we have reserved a limited number of rooms in Grove Park's historic main building for our student members.  The Grove Park Inn is offering those rooms to our student members at the special rate of $119.  To receive this rate, you will need to present your valid student identification card.

All images reproduced here courtesy of The Grove Park Inn. Quotes from Stay Magazine, 2010,
and the Grove Park Inn website through the kind permission of The Grove Park Inn.

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