Travel Information

Traveling to Johnson City, Tennessee, offers you a couple of options that will require different preparations. We are within an eleven-hour driving distance of areas such as Jacksonville, New Orleans, and Washington, DC, so there is a good likelihood that many of our attendees will come by car. You can find driving directions on our "Transportation Information" page.

If you are flying, you will find that the closest airport is the Tri-Cities Airport, which is between Johnson City and Bristol, Tennessee. Because the airport serves the Tri-Cities community, it is located in our midst, approximately 25-30 minutes away from the Carnegie Hotel. (By the way, the "Tri-Cities" are Johnson City and Kingsport, Tennessee, and Bristol, Tennessee/Virginia.) If you decide to fly into Knoxville, Tennessee, you will have an approximate two-hour drive to get to Johnson City.

We have four distinct seasons in Johnson City, so mid-February is most likely to feel wintry. However, we rarely have so much precipitation that travel is difficult. We also frequently have false spring from week to week. Layering tends to be the best strategy for dress. It would also be a good idea to view one of the online weather sites before your visit.

We look forward to seeing you.