Media and Communication

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Derek Dixon
Derek Dixon

Name:  Derek Dixon 

Graduation Year:  
Company:  Impact Networking
Position:  In-house Copywriter

Professional Summary:

I have always enjoyed writing, and knew I wanted to be doing as much writing as possible in my career. Majoring in what is now Media and Communication at ETSU was a great way for me to realize just how many options and opportunities there are within the field of communication. I now work as the in-house copywriter for Impact Networking, a business technology company headquartered in the Chicago area. I produce written content for Impact including press releases, company literature, and just about whatever they need written for internal use. I also manage social media and help with charities and events. I love what I do and look forward to further diversifying my skillset. I'm open-minded and optimistic about my career trajectory.


It blows my mind that I get to do what I love for eight hours a day-- and get paid for it. That's the beauty of Media and Communication. It attracts vibrant, passionate people, and it's very easy to find your niche. And unlike other industries, it's still growing and will continue to do so. The department at ETSU is great-- providing the perfect combination of cutting-edge resources, collaborative real-world experience, and individualized attention. Find your passion, network like crazy, and keep an open mind and you'll find a fulfilling career.

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