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                                   Martha Edde         Stacey Philbrick          Megan Walden

                                    Martha Edde, M.Ed.               Stacey Philbrick, M.A.          Megan Walden, M.Ed.
                                     MPA Coordinator                        MPA Advisor                        MPA Advisor


                                    Catherine Phillips

                                          Catherine Phillips 
                                    PHLLC Program Assistant 


                                                                Leah Knotts          Constance Vannoy

                                                                     Leah Knotts                  Constance Vannoy
                                                                   Executive Aide                 Executive Aide

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Medical Professions Advisement Program
East Tennessee State University
Box 70592  Johnson City, TN 37614
Office (423) 439-5602
Fax (423) 439-4840