Advisement for seniors

All students pursuing application to a health science-related professional school are strongly recommended to seek advisement from the Office of Medical Professions Advisement and the advisor in their respective major each semester.


Although general education requirements should be completed it is important to make sure that seniors have met all general education/ graduation requirements by the semester prior to graduation and have completed an Intent to Graduate form through the Graduation Office and a major program sheet in consultation with your major advisor.

Advisement goals for seniors

•  Examine general education requirements along with any required courses for programs of study and/or academic majors.  Be conscious of remaining general education requirements (including proficiency intensive requirements).

•  Be aware of prerequisite courses in preparation for taking upper-level courses in either programs of study or academic majors, prerequisite courses should be completed at this point.

•  Come to each advisement appointment prepared with courses of interest for the upcoming semester.

•  Schedule an individual advisement appointment with your  major advisor and the MPA Office before course registration begins.

Timeline for seniors

Complete the MPA Committee Evaluation or request your MPA Health Advisor letter of recommendation to be submitted to your professional schools of choice.

+ Prepare your application to professional schools early and be ready to submit early in the process.

Determine if you will be using an application service (e.g. AMCAS, AACOMAS, PHARMCAS, CASPA) or if the school you are applying has an independent application.

Please release your application information to your pre-health advisor on the application so that we may have comprehensive data of our ETSU application pool. You may log back into your application, and change your status to allow your pre-health advisors to receive your information.

Finish each professional school's secondary application when it becomes available
Some schools respond automatically with a secondary application others will respond only if they are interested in your application and want to know more about you.

Be prepared to schedule and attend interviews, as invited. 
Preparation for interview should include research of the school for which you are interviewing (know who they are), knowledge of current health care issues, basic grooming i.e., hair, nails, etc., appropriate attire (have a backup outfit just in case of emergency).  Remember, the entire day is part of the professional interview - just because you may have a break, or may be on tour with other students, does not mean you are not being evaluated.

Complete your Degree.
Complete degree requirements for your bachelor's degree