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Suzuki Institute

Department of Music

Suzuki Institute

Come join in our celebration of 30 years of making music together!

The East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute International provides a family-oriented environment for learning which is founded on the basic keystones of the Suzuki Philosophy: love, encouragement, positive reinforcement, respect, exposure to fine musical young flute studentsperformances, opportunity for review and refinement of skills, and development of personal character.students playing

The Institute combines the very best features of a convention, a conference, and a summer music camp all rolled into one exciting experience. Participants will have classes, recitals, lectures, videos, lessons, workshops, games, concerts, and FUN!

Our faculty members are all highly-trained, experienced Suzuki teachers, and are all leaders within the Suzuki Method. These outstanding teachers will work with the students and will provide training courses for Suzuki teachers. As a service to Suzuki families, the Institute also provides Suzuki instruction in piano for siblings of flute students.

Piano and Flute concert

The Institute offers a wide range of enrichment classes and professional development seminars along with a special lecture series for parents and teachers. We are also committed to performance opportunities for every student through our ensembles, solo recitals, and group concert. In addition, we will present our annual Guest Artist Recital. This year's artist is Takeaki Miyamae.

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