Will philosophy help me get a job?

Philosophy is central to a liberal education. It is also immensely practical. Many employers seek workers with a background in philosophy -- providing they also have the requisite technical skills. It is not difficult to see why:

  • Philosophy majors as a group had a higher mean score on the GRE Verbal Section than students in any other major.

  • Only philosophy majors were 5% or more above the mean on all the following tests:
                  - LSAT (law)
                  - GMAT (graduate management)
                  - GRE (Graduate Record Exam) Verbal
                  - CRE Quantitative. [For details ...]

Some philosophy majors go to graduate school in philosophy. Most, though, pursue careers in other fields: law, medicine, government, computer science, publishing, public administration, etc. -- any field which requires clear thinking.

More specifically, a major or minor in philosophy would be helpful in any of the following fields:

  • BUSINESS: insurance, publishing, advertising, computer programming, consulting, investment banking, marketing, technical writing.

  • GOVERNMENT: public administration, diplomacy, human services, intelligence, policy analysis.

  • JOURNALISM: editing, free-lance writing, literary and film criticism.

  • LAW: legal journalism, criminal justice, law practice, legal aid, legal research, paralegal assistance.

  • MEDICINE: consulting, hospital administration, medical practice, nursing.

  • THE ARTS AND THE HUMANITIES: private and public administration, theater production, creative writing.

  • OTHER: education, administration, computer science, library administration.

Ideas adapted from a brochure by Daniel Kolak.