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Physics major Erin Middlemas attended the 53rd annual meeting of the American Physical Society division of Plasma Physics, held from November 14-18th in Salt Lake City.   She was a co-author on a presentation entitled ' Effects of dust on the optical emission and electrical properties in a dusty plasma experiment ' by V. Land, A Paro, E. Middlemas, J. Carmona Reyes, A. Douglass, L. Matthews, and T. H yde.

Physics Major Brett Bailey graduated from ETSU in December 2011.

Four ETSU physics majors attended the 3rd Annual Southeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, held in Knoxville Tennessee January 12-15, 2012.   These students were Yesenia Cruz-Pascual, Laura Buchanan, Erin Middlemas, and Olivia Miller.    Erin Middlemas gave a talk entitled 'Effects of Dust on the Optical Emission of RF Discharges:  Experiment and Simulation.'
Her co-authors were Autumn Paro, Victor Land, Angela Douglass, Lorin Matthews, and Truell Hyde. 

  Matt Cannon Physics major Matt Cannon at the Department Christmas Party December 14, 2011









Jessica Webb Nashville 2012 Physics major Jessica Webb  (on left) presented a poster at the annual undergraduate research 'Posters At the Capitol' event held in Nashville February 7-8, 2012.
Her poster was entitled 'Phase Lags and Shapes of Light Curves of Oxygen Rich Mira Variables'.  For the press release, click here.   For a second picture with the Governor, click here.





Two Physics majors and one Physics minor gave talks at the Boland Undergraduate Research Symposium, held at the Millenium Centre April 3, 2012.   Olivia Miller gave a talk on 'Design of a High Resolution Imaging System for Ultracool Atoms', while William Jamieson gave a talk entitled 'Peaks and Valleys in Graphs, Part 2'.   A talk on 'Peaks and Valleys in Graphs, Part 1' was given by Physics minor Jessie Deering.

Two Physics majors and one Physics minor presented posters at the Appalachian Student Research Forum, held at the Millenium Centre in Johnson City on April 5, 2012.   Erin Middlemas presented a poster on 'Estimating Soliton Solutions of the Non-Linear Schrodinger Equation', while William Jamieson presented a poster entitled 'Hitting Set Size for Random Set Systems: The Quarter Pounder Approach'.    Physics minor Jessie Deering was a co-author on the second poster. 


Jessica Webb Don Luttermoser Spring 2012 Physics major Jessica Webb won the Outstanding Student in Physics Award for 2011/2012, as the graduating senior with the highest overall GPA.   She is shown in this picture with the Department Chair, Dr. Donald Luttermoser.





Group majors Spring 2012 A Group of Physics majors, at the Spring Department Party in April 2012.   From left to right:  Taylor Cairnes, Chance Brown, Nic Willis, Jessica Webb, Joe Weatherly, and Olivia Miller.








Five Physics majors graduated from ETSU in May 2012.  They are:  Kyle Barnes, Ben Dykes, Melvin Joseph Weatherly, Jessica Webb, and Nicolaus Willis.



Ryen LaphamETSU Physics graduate Ryen Lapham (Class of 2011) started graduate school in Physics and Astronomy at New Mexico Tech this fall.




Trisha MassenzoETSU Physics graduate Trisha Massenzo (2011) started graduate school in Biomedical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University this fall.


Coral FranklinETSU Physics graduate Coral Franklin (2011) started graduate school in Aviations systems at University of Tennessee Space Institute this fall.




John BurdetteETSU Physics graduate John Burdette (2011) started graduate school in Material Science at the University of Florida Gainesville this fall.




Tom GemmerETSU Physics graduate Tom Gemmer (2010) started graduate school in Aeronautical Engineering at North Carolina State University this fall.




Harry Powell Mike Houchins Fall 2011Physics Department Alumnus Mike Houchins (class of 2001; on right in photo) visited the Department on Monday October 3, 2011 and gave a presentation at the Physics seminar on his work at Liquidia Technologies. His presentation was titled ' Pattern Replication In Non-Wetting Templates:  An Introduction to Liquidia Technologies and the Novel PRINT™ Platform'.  In addition to his formal presentation, Mike spent time talking to current students about his career path and training.  In this photo, he is shown with retired Department faculty member Dr. Harry Powell (on left), who attended Mike's presentation.    After his graduation from ETSU, Mike received an M.S. degree in Material Science from Clemson University in 2006.

Rick McGill Harry PowellPhysics Department Alumnus Rick McGill (class of 1996) visited the Department on October 31 2011, and gave a seminar on his work at Eastman Chemical Corporation.   Rick is now a Principal Physicist at Eastman.   His talk was titled 'Physics as a Career: No Tricks and No Treats'.   In this photo, he is shown with retired Dept faculty member Dr. Harry Powell (on right), who attended the presentation.



Jason Beaulieu Elizabeth Williams Spring 2012Physics major alumnus Jason Beaulieu (Class of 2010) gave a seminar in the Department on April 23, 2012.   He is currently completing his Master's Thesis in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. His talk was titled ' A Dynamic, Interactive Approach to Learning Engineering and Mathematics'.   He will be starting work at OSIsoft Corporation in Johnson City in May.   In this picture, he is shown with current Physics major Elizabeth Williams.




Greg LoveDr. Greg Love started a position as Full Time Temporary Instructor in the Department this fall.   Dr. Love has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Kansas State University.


Drs. Richard Ignace and Tabetha Hole gave presentations at the January 2012 meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held in Austin Texas. Dr. Frank Hagelberg gave a talk entitled 'Magnetism in Carbon Nanostructures' at Tennessee Tech on March 13.

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