Fall 2010 News

Fall 2010/Spring 2011 News

Faculty and Staff

Mallika Dhar started a new position as Lecturer in the Department.  She recently finished her Ph.D. in Computational Science with Emphasis in Physics from the University of Southern Mississippi.  She previously obtained a  B.S. degree in Physics from the University of Calcutta in India and an M.S. in Physics from the University of Southern Mississippi.


Physics major Thomas Gemmer graduated from ETSU in August 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Physics degree.

Eleven Physics majors were awarded `Learning Experiences in Astronomy and Physics' (LEAP) scholarships from a new program funded by the NASA Tennessee Space Grant program and the ETSU Foundation.   For more information about this scholarship, click here.

Four ETSU Physics majors attended the 2nd Annual Southeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, held January 14-16, 2011 at North Carolina State University in Raleigh North Carolina.   These students were Olivia Miller, Erin Middlemas, Yesenia Cruz Pascual, and Laura Buchanan.  Olivia Miller presented a poster on her research entitled `Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in Interacting Galaxies'.    This research was done in collaboration with Dr. Beverly Smith.

Physics Major Ryen Lapham participated in `Posters at the State Capitol Day' in Nashville TN in February 2011.   At this event, undergraduates from various Tennessee Universities presented posted on their research to the state legislators.   Ryen's poster was on `Star Formation in the Interacting Galaxy Arp 107'.   The press release on this event is posted here.

Several Physics majors and Physics/Astronomy minors gave presentations at the Boland Undergraduate Research Symposium and/or the Appalachian Research Forum, held at the Millenium Centre in Johnson City across the street from ETSU March 22 and 24, respectively.   These presentations included the following talks:

William Jamieson (Double Major, Physics and Math): `Characterizations of the Interated Hypercube Graph Family'

Ryen Lapham   (Double Major, Physics and Math):

    `Star Formation in the Interacting Galaxy Arp 107'

Jessie Deering (Astronomy Minor/Math Major):

    `Double Domination of Graphs and their Complements'

Jeremy Brooks (Physics Minor):
   `Curve Fitting of Cardiac Action Potentials'

Posters included:

Olivia Miller (Physics Major) :
   `Ultra-Luminous X-Ray Sources in Interacting Galaxies'

Ryen Lapham (Physics/Math Major):
`Star Formation in the Interacting Galaxy Arp 107'

Two Physics Majors completed Honors Theses during Spring 2011.  Coral Franklin (shown at left) presented her thesis entitled `Spitzer IR Colors of Normal Spiral Galaxies as a Function of Hubble Type' on April 11.  Ryen Lapham presented his thesis `UV, Optical, and Infrared Imaging of the Interacting Galaxy Arp 107 and Its Star Forming Regions' on March 21.

Graduating Senior Coral Franklin won the `Outstanding Senior in Physics' award for 2011, for having the highest overall GPA.
In this picture, she is posing with the food for the annual spring Department lunch in honor of our graduating seniors.

Here is a group of physics majors at the Spring Dept lunch.  From left to right: Alyssa Spooner, John Adams (partially hidden), Erin Middlemas, and Chance Brown.

Here are two additional pictures of physics majors from the Spring 2011 Dept lunch.   On the left is Brett Bailey; on the right is Josh Kindle.

Four Physics majors graduated from ETSU in May 2011, shown left to right above: John Burdette, Coral Franklin, Ryen Lapham, Trisha Massenzo

Sharon Gray (Class of 2009) started graduate school in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Tennessee Space Institute.

Kristin Stone Holmes (Class of 2005) started graduate school in Computational Sciences and Informatics at George Mason University this fall.

Jason Beaulieu (Class of 2010) started graduate school this fall in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Qiongge Li (Class of 2010) started graduate school this fall in Physics at the University of Georgia.

Daniel Phillips (Class of 2010) started graduate school this fall  in Microbiology at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.  At ETSU, Daniel was a double major in Physics and Biology.

Weisong Tu (Class of 2010) started graduate school in Physics this fall at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

R achel Baker (Class of 2005) started a new job teaching physics at Daniel Boone High School in Fall 2010.   She received an M.S. in Education from ETSU in 2009.

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