Representative Research

ReadNPlay ReadNPlay for a Bright Future:

The ETSU Department of Pediatrics Residency Program and the TN Chapter of the AAP have been awarded a $25,000 Healthy Active Living Grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) wife support from the Metlife Foundation to conduct the ReadNPlay for a Bright Future project. This 18-month grant will provide support for our residents and faculty to collaborate with regional organizations to promote active play, physical activity, and reading as an alternative to screen time in home, childcare, clinical, and other community settings.

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Team Up Team Up for Healthy Living

The Team Up for Healthy Living Project was a cluster-randomized trial targeting obesity prevention in adolescents through a cross-peer intervention. The specific aims of the project were to: 1) develop a peer-based health education program focusing on establishing positive peer norms toward healthy eating and physical activity (PA) among high school students, 2) test program efficacy, and 3) explore mechanisms underlying the program. This project was funded by the National Institutes of Health (R01MD006200).

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PLAN (Parent-Led Activity & Nutrition) for Healthy Living

Parent-Led Activity and Nutrition (PLAN) for Healthy Living was a cluster-randomized controlled trial to evaluate a parent-mediated approach utilizing physician's brief motivational interviewing and parent group sessions to treat child (ages 5–11 years) overweight and obesity in the primary care setting in Southern Appalachia. Specific aims of this pilot project were to 1) to establish a primary care based and parent mediated childhood overweight intervention program in the primary care setting, 2) to explore the efficacy of this intervention in promoting healthier weight status and health behaviors of children, and 3) to examine the acceptability and feasibility of the approach among parents and primary care providers. This project was funded by the National Institutes of Health (1R15HD054950-01A2).

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Winning With Wellness

 Winning With Wellness

The Winning With Wellness (WWW) project was a school-based obesity prevention program that aimed to promote healthy eating and physical activity in youth residing in rural Appalachia. The project was based on the Coordinated School Health model and used a community-based participatory research approach with an emphasis on feasibility and sustainability. This project was supported through funding from a State of Tennessee Department of Health Center for Diabetes Prevention and Health Improvement grant awarded to East Tennessee State University in 2007.