Psi Chi

Psi Chi, the official Psychology Honor Society, was established at ETSU in 1977.

Purpose: Psi Chi seeks to advance the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate, and maintain a high level of general scholarship and a high level of scholarship in psychology.

Benefits: Membership in any official honor society is a distinction worth having on one's resume/vita, especially an honor society within one's major discipline. Active membership, which involves coming to meetings regularly and participating in planning and conducting club business and events can be detailed on resumes/vitae. This demonstrates to future employers or graduate school selection committees that a person goes beyond the typical student role, that s/he seeks out leadership opportunities and is mindful of professional development. Often chapter members obtain information that is helpful in planning a career. Active membership is not difficult or particularly time-consuming, and it is encouraged for all members.

Qualifications: Membership qualifications are as follows:

  1. Has completed ≥36 credit hours (can include ETSU hours and transferred from other institutions);
  2. Has completed ≥12 credit hours AT ETSU (cannot include hours transferred from other institutions);
  3. Has completed ≥9 credit hours in PSYCHOLOGY (courses PSYC prefix ONLY, including courses officially transferred to ETSU as PSYC courses);
  4. Has officially declared major or minor as Psychology at ETSU;
  5. Has Overall GPA of:
    ≥3.314 for those applying with 30 to 59 credit hours completed (Sophomores)
    ≥3.300 for those applying with 60 to 89 credit hours completed (Juniors)
    ≥3.369 for those applying with 90 or more credit hours completed (Seniors)
    Note: GPA cutoffs based on Institutional Research report of Spring 2014 College of Arts & Sciences students in the top 35% of their classes. This is the national organizational standard.
  6. Has In-Major Psychology GPA of ≥3.00 (not rounded up, courses with PSYC prefix ONLY)
  7. Has high standards of personal behavior.

Note: Graduate student applicants must complete a minimum of 9 graduate hours at ETSU with a GPA of 3.50 or better

The organization may admit to active status anyone who has been a member of any other Psi Chi chapter which meets the requirements for this organization. Faculty members who are Fellows, Members, or Associates in the American Psychological Association or the American Psychological Society may become active members. They shall have the same rights and privileges, and the same financial and other obligations as student members. Alumni members are persons who were formerly active members who are no longer associated with the university. Also, persons who were graduated from the university prior to the establishment of this organization may be elected to alumni membership if they met the minimum qualifications listed in this Chapter's Constitution when they were students. Alumni members may not vote or hold office unless admitted to active status by the organization.

Activities: The organization sponsors educational programs, participates in charity projects, raises funds in support of student trips to professional meetings in psychology, initiates new members each year, sponsors academic awards, and organizes social activities.

To Apply: Download and fill out the form (Psi Chi Application). Make out a $65 (one-time only dues) check or money order payable to ETSU Psi Chi. Return the completed application and fee to Dr. Shannon Ross-Sheehy, Faculty Advisor, at 420 Rogers-Stout, DURING THE REGULAR ACADEMIC YEAR (SPRING/FALL SEMESTERS).

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Shannon Ross-Sheehy: