Anthropology Minor Requirements

A minor in Anthropology requires the completion of 18 credit hours.
This includes the following:

REQUIRED CORE COURSES (9 credit hours)
ANTH 1240  Intro to Cultural Anthropology (3 credit hours)
ANTH 1260  Intro to Archaeology (3 credit hours)
ANTH 1280  Intro to Physical Anthropology (3 credit hours)

ELECTIVES (9 credit hours)
Students may choose 3 courses for elective credit from the ANTH and/or SOAA course listings.




Required Courses (9 credits)
ANTH 1260 Introduction to Archaeology 3
ANTH 4027 Cultural Resource Management 3

ANTH 4407 Archaeological Field School 3
ANTH 4057 Paleolithic Archaeology in France 3-6

Guided Electives (12 credits)

Printable pdf for Arch minor