Freezer Corn

Christy Parker

When I was growing up we always had to put up corn in the summer. My grandmother would make sure we were available to help her cut the corn. In June of every year she would call someone in Rogersville, Tennessee, the only place that she would buy corn, and ask when the corn would be ready. It was always around the second week of July. She would call every day in July until it was ready. When it was time, we had to get up at daybreak and head to Rogersville. Picking usually occurred early in the morning so we had to make sure and get there early so we didn’t get the “picked over” corn.

“Twelve dozen,” my grandmother would tell the owner. That didn’t seem like a lot until it was time to shuck, silk, and cut the corn. Every year my sister and I would try to explain to our grandmother that it was cheaper to buy corn in the can at the store, but she insisted that we put up corn for winter. Once started, you must see the task through because the corn will sour if not worked. My grandmother would fill the quart bags for us and the gallon bags for company.

20-25 dozen ears of Golden Queen corn, husked and silked

1 to 1 ½ cups sugar


½ cup water

Quart and gallon freezer bags

Cut the corn off the ears and scrape the ears with the back of knife to get the juice. Place the corn in a large pot.  Add sugar, along with salt to taste, and water. Bring to boil. Stir frequently. Place pan over air conditioner vent to cool. Once cooled, place corn in quart bags for family and gallon bags for company. Place in freezer.