Back Issues

Individual back issues of the magazine are available by contacting the Center for Appalachian Studies and Services at ETSU/CASS, PO Box 70556, Johnson City, TN 37614-1707 or by phoning (423) 439-7865 (add $3.00 shipping for 1-2 copies; $4.00 for 3-5 copies; or $6.00 for 6+ copies). Back issues can also be ordered online at the ETSU Store for $5.00 (add $5.40 shipping). Whether ordering by mail, phone, or online, Tennessee taxes are applied to in state orders. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

Bookstores and retail outlets are eligible for a 40% discount on back issues when ordering ten or more copies, subject to availability.

Sold out issues are only available in a photocopied version.