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Elk Knob Community Based Art Project

In 2010 the Elk Knob Community Heritage Organization (EKCHO), the Watauga County Arts Council, and ASU's Center for Appalachian Studies worked to develop a five-year public art plan for the EKCHO area. In 2012 – 2013, ASU students helped implement EKCHO's art plan by developing two community-based art projects. For 2013 – 2014 students and the local community were engaged in the process of implementing the next steps of the plan. The artistic interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Elk Knob will help sustain the Elk Knob Community.

Students engaged in community-based research about the culture, history, and natural world around Elk Knob, and then work with community members to create and interpret an art site identified in the plan. Students assisted with the Elk Knob Community Day on September 14, met with community members and created a draft design to present to EKCHO.  In October students collaborated with community members to create and install the public art pieces in time for an opening on Friday, November 8.


2013 Presentation


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