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A New Promise for an Old Place: Operationalizing the Project Glade Strategic Plan for Senior Housing and Services

Glade Spring Town Square is both a specific geographic location in the town of Glade Spring, Virginia, and the overall effort for sustainable economic and cultural development in the Glade Spring community.  By focusing on senior housing, the 2014 ATP project provided strategies to fulfill one component of the overall goal of offering mixed-population housing as a tool for economic development and sustainability on the Glade Spring Town Square.  Recent efforts on the Square have resulted in new retail businesses, an artisan business incubator, cultural heritage activities, a farmer’s market pavilion, and the development of a nine-mile Rail to Trail asset that links Glade Spring with Saltville.  Based on the results of focus groups with seniors, research into co-housing projects, second-story development, and pedestrian-friendly towns, students delivered a report on population trends, alternative modes of housing, and development of pedestrian-friendly business districts, and social entrepreneur business zones adjacent to the Glade Town Square.  Students research addressed two goals of the ARC strategic plan—increase job opportunities and per capita income and strengthen the capacity of Appalachian people to compete in the global economy.



2014 ATP Proposal

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