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Food Immigrants: From Commercial success to Heritage Tourism

The Fairmont State University 2014 ATP project will address the unique concept of studying Italian food immigrants and how those traditional foods brought to North Central West Virginia in the early 20th century have continued to be used in both family and commercial settings.  Students will identify selected food types and their Italian origins plus conduct research and inquiry with current regional Italian-American businesses and organizations that promote their Italian heritage and culture through the sales or celebration of these foodways.  Students will trace the history of selected Italian food heritages from their origin in Southern Italy (as a part of the travel/study program to Southern Italy in summer 2014) to their immigrant arrival in North Central West Virginia in the early 20th century.  Students will also research how these foods have been used  as successful economic endeavors and will formulate a model of how historic awareness, economic success, and more specific understandings can be used for incorporating traditional foodways (along with value added concepts, such as family recipes and history, visual images that tell individual and family stories [early photographs], and celebrations attached to food) in a more creative and educational application for regional festivals, businesses, and programs promoting cultural heritage tourism.



2014 ATP Proposal

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