Northeast Alabama Community College

SOLAR Can Work in Northeast Alabama (2009)
(Did not participate in 2010)

The 2009 ATP project involved volunteer/local citizens with our students in researching, planning, and building a solar wind mill constructed from recycled materials found in local junk car-lots. Initial research was done by our Fall Semester 2009 Ethics and Society class. Actual construction of the windmill will be done with combined efforts of both student and community population. Its use could conceivably be actuated in connection with some new technical buildings now under construction on the school grounds.

Student Participants: Austin Mullican, Elizabeth Beason, Haley Perry, Tiffany Cornelison, Brandy Smith, Desiree Lankster, Josh Camp, John Mark Kirk, Max Gilbert, Terry Kelley, Tonya Lankford, Adam Horndon, Amanda Latham, Emma Jane Sierakowski, Meghan Horton, Daniel Guinn, Brooklyn Rains, Cameron Pace, Taylor Nance

Faculty: Don Reeves, Robert Moehr
Guest: Susan Barron

Contact Information:
Don Reeves
Philosophy Instructor/Director of Appalachian Studies Project
Northeast Alabama Community College
PO Box 159
Rainsville, Alabama 35986-0159
Telephone: 256-638-4418, Ext. 372

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