Honors-in-Discipline Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will UHON 3008 be accepted as a substitute for my major research methods course?

Answer: UHON 3008 will not substitute for any required HID course in CBAT.


Question: How many credit hours do I have to take each semester?

Answer: If you are receiving any type of financial assistance from the HID program, you must take a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester. If you are not on any type of financial assistance from the HID program, you must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.


Question: Can I take classes in the Winter or Summer session?

Answer: Yes, you can take Winter and Summer session classes, but in-state scholarships will not be applied to your tuition unlike out-of-state waivers.


Question: Are there academic requirements for maintaining good standing in the HID program?

Answer: Yes, you must maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA each semester and overall to stay in the HID program.


Question: If I am accepted into the HID program, will I receive financial assistance?

Answer: Maybe. The HID program is not a scholarship-based program. You may receive a scholarship if and when the resources are available. The scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis by the Honors College Program Director, not the CBAT HID Director.


Question: Can my thesis committee chair be from a department outside of my major?

Answer: No, your thesis committee chair must be from your major department (unless otherwise approved by the HID Director). Another committee member can be from your major department or another department within CBAT. The final committee member should be from outside your major department.


Question: When should I begin work on my thesis?

Answer: Usually students begin to be able to identify their thesis topic in their research methods course. At a minimum, students should have a general topic for their thesis and should have identified a faculty member from their major to serve as their thesis committee chair at least two semesters (one year) before their expected graduation.


Question: Whom do I see for advising?

Answer: There are designated advisors in each major area within the College of Business & Technology. For a complete list of college advisors, see http://www.etsu.edu/cbat/students/advising.aspx


Question: If I need a course "enhanced" for the HID program, how do I get it approved?

Answer: You will need to see the CBAT HID Director and have the approval form completed.


Question: Do I need to be IRB certified to work on my thesis?

Answer: All students who perform any research regarding human subjects must take the online IRB training and submit the appropriate forms. It is the responsibility of your Thesis Committee Chair to ensure IRB compliance. For more information on the IRB, see the following URL: http://www.etsu.edu/irb/


Question: Do I have to submit my thesis electronically?

Answer: Refer to the Honors College requirements for electronic submission of your thesis. For students in CBAT, two hardcopies are required to be supplied to the HID Director with the appropriate signed signature sheet and binding.

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