• Accounting

• Banking

• Expansion

• International Trade

• Marketing

• Public Relations

• Sources of Capital

• Tax Planning

• Employee Relations
• Finance

• Management

• Operations

• Sales Training

• Location Analysis

• Web-site planning

• Social Media Planning

• Technology Planning

This is just a sampling of some of the cutting edge services provided by the TSBDC.

Allow us to help you unleash the power in your business by discovering the many different business solutions available for you through the TSBDC.

We are experts in assisting small businesses like yours in expansion and growth. Whether you are starting a small business or want to expand your existing efforts, the specialists at the TSBDC will guide you every step of the way.

Stop worrying whether you can afford these cutting-edge professional services provided by the TSBDC. You see, the “Best Kept Secret on the Planet” is: Everything provided for you is free! All of your one-to-one counseling and all of the wonderful services described on this Web site are provided to your business at no cost. Some of our professional training seminars do have small fees for attendance.

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Personalized one-to-one counseling:

Most places that provide the level of consulting found at the TSBDC tend to be non-personal and almost machine like.

At the TSBDC you will be assigned your very own personal consultant to work with you helping you solve many of your business problems. They will be the point person that will know all your details that are pertinent to your situation. Whether it is finance, marketing, operations, management or just about any business service you may need help with, your personal TSBDC consultant is here to guide you every step of the way. You know, on some days they may even get you your very own cup of hot coffee.

Imagine being treated so friendly, as if you are TSBDC’s only client.

Each of our centers and various affiliate offices have professional business consultants that will meet with you to determine specifically what services you will need.


You and your staff can attend training on many relevant business subjects such as:

• Buying and selling abroad

• E-Commerce

• Marketing

• Preparing financial statements for small business

• Starting & managing a small business

• Writing a business plan

Referrals to professional services and agencies:

The TSBDC has extensive resources from which to choose to help you find the answers to your business questions. Contact Us

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