Title II Report

Section 207 in Title II of the Higher Education Act, as amended, requires each state receiving funding under the Act to report annually on the quality of teacher preparation in the state, including-

  • Standards for teachers and their alignment with standards for students;
  • Requirements for an initial teaching certificate or license through either an alternate or regular route;
  • Pass rates on each assessment used by states in certifying or licensing teachers;
  • State standards for evaluating the performance of teacher preparation programs;
  • Teachers in the classroom on waivers, that is, teaching without an initial regular certificate or license from any state; and
  • State efforts in the past year to improve the quality of teaching.

The Tennessee state report is available at https://title2.ed.gov/Title2DR/StateHome.asp

Institutional pass rates are available at https://title2.ed.gov/Title2DR/PassRates.asp.

If you are redirected to the Reports and Resources page of the Title II website, the Tennessee state report and the institutional pass rates can be found by through the following directions:

Tennessee State Report
Click State reports (left side bar)
Click TN on map
Choose any of the links listed under the Tennessee State Report (left side bar)

Institutional Pass Rates
C lick on the link on the Title II page
Click State reports (left side bar)
Click TN on map
Click Teacher Assessments (left side bar)
Click Pass Rates
Scroll down page for pass rate information.