Child Study Center

Our Philosophy

The children we serve in our programs are in an exciting period of development. Young children are active learners exploring their environment, manipulating objects, and establishing relationships with adults and peers. The Child Study Center (CSC) believes that young children learn by being actively involved with their world and by constructing their own learning. We will provide a stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment in a safe, creative, and responsive atmosphere. We will encourage the development of each child to his/her fullest potential. We will strive to develop the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of each child while respecting individual differences among children.

We will recognize that family members are the primary teachers of their children and we are here to help and support them. Teachers of the CSC hope to establish a partnership with the families of our children so that we each can provide an atmosphere conducive to the child’s maximum development during these early critical years.

The administration and teaching staff will continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Responsive Caregiving through reflective practices, continued education, and on-going communication. As a collaborative team of caregivers, we will respect one another’s contributions to our collective effort of doing what is best for the children and families we serve at the CSC.

Application for Child Care Services

Child Study Center
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