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Do you have a passion for the business of sports?

The ETSU undergraduate Sport Management Concentration introduces students to the sport industry and provides them with the opportunity to study a wide variety of fulfilling sport-related careers.  Our program emphasizes a unique mix of academic preparation along with required real-world practical field experiences.  The curriculum examines three main segments of the sport industry (performance, production, promotion), and it encompasses all levels of sport: youth, high school, collegiate, professional, amateur, competitive, non-competitive, recreational, private, and nonprofit/profit organizations. 

Although the number of potential careers within athletics is virtually limitless, here are just a few examples:

  • Sport Performance Segment: collegiate athletics director, racetrack marketing director, private fitness facility manager, campus recreation director, professional promotions coordinator, collegiate ticket sales manager, etc...
  • Sport Production Segment: sales representative for a sports equipment company, manager for a sporting goods retail store, events coordinator at a professional facility, etc...
  • Sport Promotion Segment: sport media producer, financial analyst for a sport sponsorship management company, legal consultant for a sport business licensing company, etc... 


Any student who is successfully attending ETSU may declare Sport and Leisure Management (SALM) as a major.  Students may then choose a Sport Management concentration.

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS  (120 hours total)

(for students starting in the Fall 2009 semester or anytime thereafter)

(A)  General Education Core (41 Credit Hours)

(B)  Major Core Requirements (32 hours)

  • ACCT 2010    Principles of Accounting (can sub ACCT 2000)
  • SALM 3220    Facility Planning & Event Management
  • SALM 3225    Marketing & PR in Sport Management
  • SALM 4210    Legal Issues & Risk Management
  • SALM 4215    Social Psychology of Sport & Leisure
  • SALM 4225    Management of Sport & Leisure Activities
  • SALM 4240    Research Design & Analysis
  • SALM 4250    Internship

(C)  Sport Management Concentration Requirements (18 hours)

  • SALM 3200    Introduction to Sport Management
  • SALM 4205    Issues and Trends in Sport Management
  • SALM 4230    Fund-Raising in Sports
  • MGMT 3000   Organizational Behavior and Management
  • SALM 3230    Sport in the Social Context
  • SALM 3240    Sport Governance

(D)  Business Guided Electives (only 12 hours from the following)

  • ADVR 3100     Survey of Promotion
  • MGMT 3300    Written Organizational Communications
  • MGMT 3310    Legal Environment of Business
  • MGMT 3320    Management and Social Responsibility
  • MGMT 4030    Current Management Issues
  • MGMT 4460    Leadership Studies
  • MGMT 4510    Human Resources Management
  • MGMT 4600    Employment Law for Managers
  • MKTG 3200     Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG 3250     Marketing Communications

(E)  Guided Electives (12 hours)

Courses selected to fulfill this category will be done so with consultation and approval of the student's academic advisor and will be specific to the career goals of the individual student.

(F)  Free Electives (4 hours)

These courses can be anything whatsoever.




Various forms of financial assistance are available through the Office of Financial Aid. In addition, student assistant positions may be available within the Department of Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation Management (423-439-4362).



For more information please contact the Undergraduate Sport Management Program Coordinator:

Dr. Gary Lhotsky
Department of Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation Management 
Box 70654
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN  37614-1701
Telephone: (423) 439-4637
Fax: (423) 439-5383

Learn more about the ETSU Sport Management Club!

You can also contact Dr. Gary Lhotsky at or call (423)439-4637.

Check out these sport management internship and volunteer opportunities!

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