Language Arts


Wordly Wise


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Tests are always on Friday, unless it is a short week.

On a Wordly Wise week, the homework assignments USUALLY are as follows:

Monday: A
Tuesday: B
Wednesday: C & D
Thursday: E

Working ahead is discouraged since the purpose of nightly homework is repeated practice. 


Students will be given a pre-test on Monday. Students that demonstrate mastery of this week's words will be given an alternate "Challenge" list of spelling words for the week. 

Workbook homework typically follows the following pattern:

Monday- Exercise C
Tuesday- Exercise D-E
Wednesday- Exercise F-H (or all but the last exercise, typically the sentences)
Thursday- Last exercise and study 

Spelling tests are
cumulative . Once a word has been learned it is on a "no excuse" list. Each week dictation sentences will use words from old spelling lists that are to be memorized. Be sure to go over old words!!  

Test format varies. It may be single word dictation, sentence dictation, a usage test (multiple choice), or a combination of all of the above.