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Power Points - TCAP Review

4th Term

Handouts - Science 7

Invention Projects Parent Letter 2013 (Printable Document)

  Invention Poster Template 2014


2013-2014 Invention Project Timeline of Major Assignments and Due Dates 

  • 7/17 - Parent Letter Signature
  • 8/21 - Invention Planning Sheet
  • 10/21 - Technical Drawing
  • 10/28 - Invention Prototype
  • 10/29-10/30 - Class Presentations
  • 10.31-11/1 - Peer Evaluations
  • 11/21 - Final Project Posters due
  • 1/27 - Presentation at Unviversity School Science Expo 

Science Class Helpful Links

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Haiku Links

7th Grade Haiku Sing-up Link

Vocabulary Pictures

Vocabulary Pictures - All Terms

Discovery Education Test Link

Discovery Education Test

Data Notebook Survey Link

Data Notebook Survey

Pollination Links

Pick the Pollinator

Pollination Mechanisms

Organ Systems Links

All Systems Go

The Body's Major Organ Systems

Match-A-Body System

Cell Links

Parts of the Cell

Levers and Pulleys

Physics Links

Vector Park - Levers

Genetics Links

Genetics Webquest