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Preceptorship Documents

Precept I Syllabus Rev2.docx
Precept II Syllabus Rev2.docx
Form Clinic Site Resource Form Rev2.docx
Form Clinical Preceptorship Report Rev2.docx (Preceptor's signature needed)
Form Evaluation Updated Preceptorship Rev2.docx
Form October Preceptorship Information Rev3.docx
Form Preceptor Evaluation by Student Rev2.docx
Form Student Request For Phys Preceptor Rev3.docx

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Besides filling out the documents, do I need to do anything else before I begin my preceptorship?
Answer: No. Just be sure to get your documents turned in as required.

Question: At the end of the preceptorship, what will I be evaluated on?
Answer: At the end of the preceptorship, your preceptor will evaluate your performance in professionalism, independent learning abilities and attitudes, appropriate communication and interpersonal skills, appropriate clinical skills for your level of training, and anything that is relevant to this preceptorship.

Question: What is the purpose (or goal) of the preceptorship?
Answer: The preceptorship helps you to begin to observe and acclimate to the daily events of the medical profession, specifically in patient care. This includes proper performance of taking histories and giving physical exams, use of tools, observing how an office functions, and learning specific health care roles. You will also have the opportunity to research specific health issues.

Last Update:  12/11/2013

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