Diversity Council


James H. Quillen College of Medicine
Diversity Council
Member Comments
Dr. Antonio Rusinol Chair
Dr. Martin Eason  
Dr. Theresa Lura  
Dr. Alan Peiris  
Ms. Mariela McCandless Staff
Mr. Steve Ellis GCOP
Dr. Victoria Ramsauer GCOP
Mr. Christian Magallanes MSII
Ms. Whitney Ross MSIII



  • Implementation and monitoring of institutional diversity plan
  • Develop and monitor data collection to assure achievement of diversity goals
  • Monitor the institutional diversity profile annually
  • Review current recruitment and retention efforts and identify opportunities to enhance diversity
  • Develop and recommend initiatives, programs, policies and practices to promote diversity among students, residents, faculty, and administration
  • Recommend college-wide efforts to recruit and retain diverse members of the college community
  • Coordinate activities with university diversity/affirmative action programs