Visual Identity


The  objective  of  the  Quillen  visual  identity  program  is  to  present  a  clear,  concise communication of the college’s institutional identity. Proper use of Quillen’s logo, graphic elements, stationary, and business cards will reflect positively upon the institution as a whole.  In order  to achieve  this, persons, departments, or units officially  related  to  the college must adhere to the guidelines presented in this publication. Your cooperation will help unify our communications and produce materials that are consistent, professional and immediately recognizable as Quillen College of Medicine.  

The Quillen logo

The Quillen  logo  has  been  refined  and  pairs  the  circle  emblem with  the words “Quillen College of Medicine,” known as  the wordmark. The combination of both elements  forms  the  logo,  along with  official  colors  and  a  specified  typeface. All materials, whether  print  or  electronic,  published  by Quillen College  of Medicine and East Tennessee State University should feature the Quillen official logo or logo variation as appears in this guide.

Emblem and Wordmark
Consistent use of the logo in all applications is an important part of this identity program.
For assistance  with  logo  use  and  development,  please  contact  Biomedical Communications:
Logo downloads available at:

Quillen two color logo variations
Clinic and Subspecialty
One color logo variations
One color varations black.

Logo Typeface and Colors


The typeface used in the logo is ITC Legacy Serif Book with Small Caps.
Support text used on business cards and official stationery for department names, addresses, phone numbers, Web addresses, etc., is Myriad and Minion.

Obtaining official typefaces

Because of the constraints and expense imposed by font licensing, Biomedical Communications cannot make the official typefaces available to the whole campus.  Campus users who wish to use official fonts on their own computers will need to purchase them. Users can order fonts directly from or from any vendor offering the necessary license.

Campus users are encouraged to consider how other fonts work with the logo in print and Web design. Helvetica and Arial are widely available typefaces that are aesthetically pleasing with the logo.

Quillen logo font
Quillen Logo Colors
Pantone Logo
black and white logo

Quillen PowerPoint Templates

For your convenience, two Quillen Microsoft PowerPoint templates are available for download here -

Quillen Business Cards and Stationary

The standard format for official Quillen stationary and business cards are shown below and on the following page.  Layouts, type specifications, and colors are already established; variations from these graphic standards are officially discouraged and not allowed. A  high  quality,  controlled  printing  protocol  is  in  place  in  order  to maintain necessary  standards.  Your BMC designer will assist you with selecting the best product(s) for your specific needs, providing proofs, estimating costs, and will handle turn-key production and delivery. Contact Biomedical Communications for assistance:

busness cards

Quillen Stationary

Note: treatment of all logos is similar to the below sample.

Departmental Letterhead

Blank 2nd sheets also available.

Departmental Letterhead

Clinic Letterhead

Clinic Letterhead



Quillen Graphic Elements

The Quillen “ Q” and slogan may be used as an accompaniment to the Quillen logo in Quillen communications.

One color Graphic Elements

Quillen slogan