Group of Health Professionals

What is the Center’s Mission?
To provide health professionals with skills to find best-evidence solutions for health care choices. This includes training health care providers and their trainers in the skills of evidence-based clinical practice, using interventions that improve the quality of the provider-patient interaction.

What does the Center do?
Our work in developing countries includes:

  • Introduction to EBM short courses

  • Training efficient online search techniques

Using PDA resources for clinical decision support

Recent and current IC-EBM activities:

  • EBM training of medical representatives (Pharmaceutical detailers) in Pakistan

  • EBM training of pharmacists in family planning technology in Ukraine; EBM Training in the skills of EBM, Department of Family Medicine, Columbia University

  • EBM skills training CME, East Tennessee State University

EBM skills training

Available EBM Courses:

  • Basic introduction courses<</div>

  • Focused programs

  • Train-the-trainer certification