Arthur Toups, MD

Arthur Toups I'm a person who enjoys learning how things work.  To her horror, my mother found this out when at 8 years, I dismantled the back end of her new car trying to find out how the lights worked.  I have let life take me as it may along the road and it has led me on many adventures and given me a treasure chest of memories.  I've had the pleasure of serving in the U.S. Navy as well as the U.S. Marine Corps.  All of my life experiences have led me to the career of medicine, Family Medicine in particular because so that I can establish a connection with my patients.
I chose Kingsport because Dr. Fox and Dr. Blackwelder share my values, and Kingsport has the kind of environment in which I can flourish and grow as a family physician.  A couple of my hobbies are fishing and frogging, and I enjoy history.  I look forward to exploring the landmarks and historical aspects of one of the ‘ghost states’ The Lost State of Franklin.

Dr Toups with his wife