Junior Medical Student Education Lecture Series

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The SEC or Academic Half Day will be held each Thursday afternoon in an effort to help bolster medical knowledge as well as help students develop their medical management skills. Faculty and residents will be responsible for facilitating each session that will consist of up to date audio lectures followed by a “Washington Manual” review session. The class will culminate in a case conference. The Washington Manual session and case conference will be live discussions with faculty and/or residents. Below is the schedule for each of the six weeks students will be rotating on the Internal Medicine ward service.

Quiz 1 will be comprised of questions from the first three session topics
Quiz 2 will be comprised of questions from Sessions 4 through 6, and other prerecorded lectures.

SESSION 1: Cardiovascular
SESSION 2: Pulmonary
SESSION 3: Nephrology and Endocrine (quiz and review to follow lectures)
SESSION 4: Infectious Disease
SESSION 5: Neurology
SESSION 6: Thrombotic Disorders (quiz and review to follow lectures)


Every Tuesday at 8 a.m. at the Votaw Auditorium located at the ETSU Physicians and Associates building there is “Grand Rounds.” Please inquire with your attending at each specific training
site regarding attendance. If you are directed to attend the “Grand Rounds” then you will report back to your respective sites following its conclusion at 9 a.m.


As a component of Internal Medicine, students will attend a lecture given by Dr. Timir Paul –
ETSU Physicians, Cardiologist.

Junior Clerkship lectures on YouTube:

Dr. Hamdy lecture on Osteoporosis http://youtu.be/HE1IMwMhEq4

Dr. Leicht lecture on Dermatology http://youtu.be/gCS9R1GM5dc

Dr. Young lecture on Gastroenterology http://youtu.be/kZqz0mVpo30

Dr. Myers lecture on ID CSF Analysis http://youtu.be/8ocDLehd2uI

Dr. Beiber lecture on Arthritis http://youtu.be/k8T0Wum_rcs

Dr. Jaishankar lecture on Hematology http://youtu.be/nJU8emb6Dec

Dr. O`Neil lecture on Renal http://youtu.be/0j8VFLVZKdU

Dr. Stuart lecture on Endo ER http://youtu.be/3JX9rXsTfh4

Dr. Ramu lecture on Cardiology http://youtu.be/uQEYsIxjU8E

Dr. Roy lecture on Pulmonary part 1 http://youtu.be/m4SEVQiaw-4

Dr. Roy lecture on Pulmonary part 2 http://youtu.be/oM-136Voog0   Myers ID CSF AnalysisYoung GastroenterologyLeicht DermatologyHamdy Ronald OsteoporosisHamdy Ronald OsteoporosisHamdy Ronald Osteoporosis

Dr. Macmillan lecture on Palliative/ Hospice http://youtu.be/d-WBSvDu25E


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