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The Division of Preventive Medicine & Epidemiology was establish in May 1985.

We provide teaching, research, and service opportunity in the field of PM & Ep. The division conducts TB clinic at the regional health department twice a week. This outpatient clinical experience is offered to medical students, Internal Medicine residents and Family Practice residents, selecting public health elective. Pulmonary fellows routinely attend this clinic.

During 1992-94 TB program and TB clinic of this region was selected as one of the very few national sites to train international physicians in the field of TB prevention and program management. We have modern technology like PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and "DNA fingerprint" to investigate TB outbreaks.

Our division coordinates multidisiplinary approach with other departments and colleges of the university to promote teaching and research activity in PM & Ep. College of Allied Health offers evening courses to those residents interested in MPH degree.

The division plans to expand research in clinical epidemiology and community based studies in Northeast Tennessee. At present, prevalence and epidemiology of Blastomycosis is under study.

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