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Multimode Microplate Reader

Modulus Multimode Microplate Reader

User-friendly operation – touch screen control, data download onto USB stick         MMReader

Microplate format - Accepts 96-well plates conforming to the SBS plate standard

3 Detection Modes: Luminescence, Fluorescence, Visible Absorbance

Compatible with most commercially available kits




  Luminescence Module:

- >8 Logs Dynamic Range

- Dual-masking System Reduces Crosstalk
- Very high sensitivity



The Luminescence module is separated from other measurement technologies and positioned directly above the sample well, maximizing light capture for increased sensitivity, with a detection limit of 3 x 10-21 moles Luciferase Detection or 1 x 10-18 moles ATP. The head-on photomultiplier tube has a spectral range of 350-650 nm and automatically adjusts for the optimum reading of bright or dim samples.

Dual auto injectors are available for flash-based luminescence applications or dual-reporter assays. Each injector system has a volume range of 25 - 200 µl in 5µl increments.


 Fluorescence Module

- Epifluorescent Detection
- Multiple Optical Kits Available
- High Sensitivity

                flor. DNA

The Fluorescence module uses powerful wave-length matched, light-emitting PIN photodiodes (LEDs) as excitation sources. The narrow excitation/emission spectrum increases sensitivity and reduces non-specific light leakage. The fluorescence capability has a maximum linear dynamic range of 6 logs and a detection limit of 0.5 fmol/200 µl or 1 ppt of fluorescein in a 96-well plate, or 30 pg/well dsDNA with a DNA quantification dye


Fluorescence Module Optical Kit Application Chart
Optical Kit Typical Applications
 UV Optical Kit
Ex: 365 nm
Em: 410 - 460 nm
 DNA Quantification (Hoechst dye)
Enzyme Activity (4-methyl-umbelliferone)
 Blue Optical Kit
Ex: 490 nm
Em: 510 - 570 nm

DNA, RNA & Protein Quantitation
 Protein Labeling (Fluorescein)
Gene Expression (EGFP, rAcGFP)

Green Optical Kit
Ex: 525 nm
Em: 580 - 640 nm
Nucleotide Labeling
Protein Labeling (Rhodamine, Cy3)
Enzyme Activity (Rhodamine)
 Red Optical Kit
Ex: 625 nm
Em: 660 - 720 nm
Nucleotide or Protein Labeling (Cy5)
RNA Quantitation
 AFC Optical Kit
Ex: 405 nm
Em: 495 - 505 nm
Cell Viability Assays
Cytotoxicity Assays
Apoposis Multiplex Assays


Absorbance Module

- Flexible Filter System
- 0-5.0 OD Reading Range
- Single or Dual Wavelengths
             Color Assay

The Absorbance module uses a large area photodiode detector to provide highly sensitive measurements covering a wide dynamic range with an accuracy that deviates less than 2%. The channel consists of a white LED with a spectral range of 450-750 nm.

Absorbance Module Filter Application Chart
Wavelength Typical Applications
450 ELISA, QuantiCleave™ Protease Assay
560 BCA™ Protein Assays
600 Bradford, Coomassie Blue Protein Assays
PeroXOquant™ Quantitative Peroxide Assay
750 Lowry Protein Assay


Fees and Requirements:

To use the Microplate reader:

  • You must be trained by a member of the MBCF staff
  • To schedule training: Contact us at (423) 439-8096 or via email at .

Equipment use fee:

  • Modulus Microplate Reader  $7/run









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