Molecular Biology Core Facility


The Molecular Biology Core Facility at the James H. Quillen College of Medicine is a state of
the art facility dedicated to furthering the research and educational needs of ETSU and the
surrounding community. We currently offer DNA sequencing, phosphorimaging, microcapillary
electrophoresis (Agilent)
and real-time PCR technologies.

We are located in Building 119, Room 2-22 on the VA campus.

In addition, other services exist to support the scientific needs of the community, including:

  • An on-site stockroom and discounted rates for commonly used molecular reagents.
  • Specialized classes/workshops.
  • Outreach to the educational community in the form of lectures and DNA-activity based classes.
  • Guidance for sample preparation to obtain optimal sequencing results
  • Assistance in interpreting sequence results.
  • Consultation for the design of molecular biology projects.
  • Primer design for PCR, DNA sequencing, and Q-PCR
  • Robotic automation for setting up sample plates.
  • And much, much more!




News and Events

G:box Imager Workshops -  scheduled as needed


 As of November 9th, the Promega Helix Freezer will no longer be available.

UV illuminated ethidium bromide stained DNA gel








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