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Jennifer Phemister

Program   M.D.

Hometown   Kingsport, TN

Undergraduate School and Major Tennessee Technological University, B.S. Chemical Engineering

Specialty / Career Plans Internal Medicine possibly followed by Cardiology

Extracurricular Activities Spending time with my family, Internal Medicine Interest Group, Christian Medical and Dental Association, Student Women in Medicine Interest Group

Marital Status Married with four children

Jennifer Phemister
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Why Quillen

I chose Quillen because of location, supportive (family) atmosphere, and nationally recognized primary care training programs.  Quillen is nestled in the beautiful mountains right where I grew up so I have the support of my family.  Johnson City is a safe place to raise a family with plenty to do.  The atmosphere at Quillen is very supportive.  With the small class size, the entire faculty knows us by name and can provide individual attention.    My classmates work together to help everyone succeed.  Lastly, Quillen is nationally ranked in the top ten for primary care so I will receive excellent training.

Juggling School and Family

With four children ranging from ages 6-12, a husband, two dogs, and medical school, the juggle really has been very manageable.  I think there are two keys to my personal success:    1. utilizing every free second of a waking day, 2. having a supportive father and husband.  The biggest change in our own life has been my husband taking over most of the homework needs in the evenings.  For the M1 and M2 years, I should be able to take the kids to school every day and pick them up most days.  One day a week I eat lunch with the younger ones at school.  I do almost all of my studying at home, which puts me at school when my children are at school.  The faculty and my classmates are very supportive and understanding when issues arise because they know that I am juggling many balls.



Living in Northeast Tennessee

Northeast Tennessee is a beautiful place to live and raise a family.  I enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful mountains every time I drive to school.  We enjoy swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter.  It is a safe place to raise children with a variety of educational options. Most everyone is friendly greeting you with a hello or a helping hand.  My hope is to continue my residency at Quillen and practice in East Tennessee.

Prior Life

I worked as a chemical engineer for a little over 10 years.  I stayed home full time for almost 5 years.  Once all the children entered school, I entered Quillen. One of the big changes in my prior life was quantity time with my children versus quality time.  Now that they are all in school and I am in school, we always make special plans every weekend such as hiking, bowling, putt putt, etc.  We also always go out the night after every test to celebrate.  My husband and I feel like we actually spend more quality time with our kids now because it is focused time.  They know they get this special time and look forward to choosing what we do.

Words of Wisdom

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't live a dream. At age 38 and four children, I had many people discourage me because of my age and other responsibilities.  The faculty, staff, and student body do everything they can to see you succeed.  You just need to show up with internal drive, determination, a positive attitude and very good time management skills.

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