Student Interaction

Individuals age 18 and older and interested in a career in the field of medicine, are eligible to apply.  Selected individuals must also meet the following conditions:

-Have health and accident insurance coverage, individual or as a dependent.

-Be fully vaccinated and immunized.  Accepted applicants must provided proof of the same immunizations as required of enrolled medical students.

-Successfully complete computer-based training on work-place safety (OSHA) and patient confidentiality (HIPPA).  These computer training modules will be provided at program orientation.

-Participants must be available 8 hours a day, 5 days per week for the duration of the program.


"I enjoyed being able to see the doctor-patient interaction and how they dealt with the variety of cases I was a part of.  This program has been a vital part of my journey to become a physician by not only giving me first and experience, but furthering my curiosity and fueling my passion for medicine.  I still have much to learn."  Medical Horizons Participant