The purpose of the committee on gender and special issues is to serve as a resource in the college of medicine for issues concerning women's and gender issues, and, as such, will:

1. act in an advisory capacity to the dean and to the assistant dean of women in medicine;

2.  act as a forum to discuss matters pertaining to women's and gender issues within the college of medicine in the areas of administration; medical student, graduate student, and medical resident education; service; departmental needs; and other relevant areas;

3.  propose policies pertinent to women's / gender issues;

4.  assist the office of women in medicine in coordinating and planning personal and professional development programs based on needs assessment;

5.  provide administrative continuity to the student women in medicine organization;

6.  recommend strategies to improve instruction and learning regarding women's health issues in the college of medicine;

7.  stimulate collaboration and networking among the women faculty; and

8.  assist in the recruitment of women to the college of medicine faculty.


1 chair who is a full-time faculty member
3 faculty members from basic science departments
3 faculty members from clinical science departments
1 administrative staff or medical library representative
1 community practicing physician
1 medical resident
1 graduate student
1 medical student
1 assistant dean of women in medicine, ex officio, non-voting
1 president of student women in medicine organization, ex officio, voting
1 president of women health student interest group, ex officio, voting
1 organization of student representatives to AAMC (OSR), ex officio, voting
1 student affairs representative, ex officio, voting
1 cultural diversity office representative, ex officio, voting
1 continuing medical education (CME) program coordinator for the annual  women's health conference, ex officio, voting
1 secretary to the assistant dean of women in medicine, staff support