Incoming CAPES Fellows will apply to ETSU as visiting undergraduate students.  The application package will consist of the following:

  1. Two application forms which are available online.
  2. Official Toefl scores –  The minimum score required is 61 for undergraduate students
  3. Letter from host institution indicating good standing or official transcript in English
  4. $25 non-refundable application fee

Additionally, students will have to submit the following documents:Bank statements or other documentation of funding (refer to estimate of expenses for minimum funding required). This is required in order for ETSU the issue the student a visa form. Same document will be needed at the American Consulate at the time of visa interview. 

Visa Issues
ETSU will issue eligible students the form DS-2019 which will be used for the J-1 visa application. Students must make own arrangements for visa interview.
Health Requirements
All international students are required to undergo a tuberculosis screening test upon their arrival at the University. This is a mandatory test and the cost is $10 for each TB test.  East Tennessee State University also requires documentation of immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) for all entering students. Please see the enclosed information, “Have You Sent In Your Immunization Records?” regarding what you need to do. You can take the MMR immunizations at the ETSU Student Health Clinic at a cost of $71 each.
Estimated Expenses
  • Admission application fee - $25
  • Sevis fee - $180
  • Visa fee -  $140
  • Housing deposit –refundable - $100
  • Housing - $1800
  • Food - 19 meals per week, semester -   $1500
  • Health insurance - per semester $500
  • Books -  $100- $300
  • Miscellaneous - per semester, $1500

students and professor in lecture hall

students in sound-proof booth