Vision, Mission & Goals


Our vision is to be an essential source of leaders, educators, expert practitioners and researchers in the clinical and rehabilitative health sciences.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to foster innovative collaborations that support learning, scholarship and service, and that meet the clinical and rehabilitative health needs of our patients, clients, and communities.


  1. Offer innovative curricula supported by service and research for the education of clinical and rehabilitative practitioners.

  2. Provide preventive, assessment, and rehabilitative health services through clinical education and community outreach programs.

  3. Create an academic and clinical culture that encourages service to diverse and underserved populations.

  4. Encourage collaborative research for students and the community addressing long-term clinical and rehabilitative health needs across the lifespan and health care spectrum.

  5. Provide service learning and professional growth opportunities for students, practitioners, and faculty.

  6. Promote scholarship and mentoring that supports evidence-based practice and life-long learning.