Cochlear Implant Clinic

East Tennessee State University's cochlear implant clinic is located at the Johnson City Community Health Clinic.  Services offered include candidacy evaluation, follow-up implant mapping, aural rehabilitation and speech and language services. 

What is a Cochlear Implant?
How do Cochlear Implants Work?
Who is a Candidate?
Evaluation Process
Surgery Information
Post Implant Rehabilitation
Manufacturers of Cochlear Implants
Deaf Culture

To schedule an appointment with the ETSU Cochlear Implant Clinic, please call (423) 926-2500

ETSU Cochlear Implant Clinic Pamphlet

More technical information and support groups can be found in the links below -


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Cochlear Implant Clinics in and around East Tennessee

Press release in Johnson City Press January 19, 2012.

Local resident, Ms. Louise Skalko, helps improve awareness of Cochlear Implants in Tricities. Click here for JC press release.