Student Projects


Current Student Projects:

  • ETSU students Hunter Mansfield and Staci Irish presented a poster titled "Recognition Performance on Complimentary Halves of Interrupted Words" at the 5th annual Aging and Speech Communication Conference at Indiana University on 10/8/2013. They received a $500 travel scholarship to attend the conference . 


                                                                     Click to view the poster


  • ETSU Audiology Student Krisztina Johnson Receives Local Attention and National Award for Research Exploring Hearing Loss in Dentists.


  • Nicole Payne received first place in the Clinical Research and Case Studies Biomedical and Health Sciences Oral Presentation category at the Appalachian Student Research Forum for her oral presentation titled, "Musical Training Influences Temporal Processing." Click here for more information on her work.

Nicole Payne

Click here for a list of past audiology student research projects.