Earl E. Johnson, Ph.D.


B.S. 2002  Communication Sciences and Disorders, Radford University
Minors: Computer Science, Psychology, and International Studies

M.S. 2004  Audiology, Vanderbilt University

Ph.D. 2007 Hearing and Speech Sciences, Vanderbilt University
Minor: Consumer Psychology/Marketing Engineering

Au.D. 2009 Audiology, University of Florida


CDIS 6140: Amplification Systems I

CDIS 6141: Amplification Systems II

Clinical Interests

Amplification fittings

Diagnostic hearing evaluations

Audiologic rehabilitation

Compensation and pension exams

Tinnitus management

Research Interests

Verification and validation of amplification systems

Technical parameters of amplification and special product feature operation

Current and past amplification market trends

Clinical-decision making as a blend of patient-driven, but provider facilitated interactions in the provision of better hearing healthcare

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Curriculum Vitae

Earl E Johnson photo

Associate Professor 
VA Academic Faculty

East Tennessee State University
258 Lamb Hall
PO Box 70643
Office: (423) 439-4272
Fax: (423) 979-3403