Graduates of East Tennessee State University's MPT program who qualify for admission to the DPT with advanced standing will take the following courses (at a minimum):

Course # Title Credit hrs Semester offered
PHYT 7764 Case Study in PT 1 spring
PHYT 7706 Pharmacology II for PT 1 spring
PHYT 7882 Teaching & Learning for PT 1 intersession
PHYT 7855 Lifespan Dev. for PT 3 intersession
PHYT 7883 PT Management & leadership 2 summer
PHYT 7856 Health & Wellness in PT 3 summer
PHYT 7857 Differential Dx for PT 2 summer
PHYT 7807 Imaging Studies for PT 2 summer
PHYT 7976 Internship III/Advanced coursework* 15 arranged
PHYT 6663 Human Research in PT 1 fall

Additional course requirements for advanced standing students will be evaluated on an individual basis, according to the level and amount of their prior coursework.  The faculty will determine advanced standing students’ individual programs of study. 

Minimum Hours:
Didactic:    16-25
Clin. Ed.:     6-15
TOTAL:        31

*Students admitted with advanced standing who have documentation of six hundred (600)hours or more of direct patient clinical practice experience within two years prior to enrollment in ETSU DPT program, may opt to take nine (9) semester credit hours of advanced coursework in lieu of nine (9) semester credit hours of Clinical Internship III.