ETSU Equivalents

If you are taking the prerequisite courses at ETSU, the following courses will meet the prerequisite requirements as noted.

Prerequisite Hours ETSU Equivalent
Statistics 3 sem hrs MATH 1530, PSYC 2810^, PUBH 3000, MATH 2050, or ECON 2070
Gen. Biology w/lab 8 sem hrs BIOL 1110/1111* and BIOL 1120/1121*
Gen. Chemistry w/lab 8 sem hrs CHEM 1110/1111 and CHEM 1120/1121
Gen. Physics w/ lab 8 sem hrs PHYS 2010/2011* and PHYS 2020/2021*
Human Anatomy 4 sem hrs HSCI 3000
Human Physiology 4 sem hrs HSCI 3020
Exercise Physiology 3 sem hrs PEXS 3610
Psychology 6 sem hrs any two PSYC courses, HDAL 2310, 2320, 2330 or 3310

^Students who take PSYC 2810 to meet the statistics requirement must have an additional 6 semester hours of psychology (PSYC 2810 will not meet both the statistics requirement and psychology course requirements).

*These course numbers were effective fall 2001. If you took these classes at ETSU prior to fall 2001, your course numbers may be different. If you are unsure if the class(es) you took will meet the prerequisite course requirements, please contact the department .