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To access your My Home in D2L you can click the My Home link from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.
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The My Home page contains links to various tools that help you navigate the D2L system. The links are arranged inside “widgets” that cannot be moved or changed.  From My Home you will be able to access your courses.

My Home Homepage

Upon clicking the My Home link from the top Navigation Bar you will be taken to the My Home Homepage.

my home 

1.  Select a course is a new feature and allows you to access your courses from any page within D2L. 

Select a course

2.  The News section of D2L will contain any updates or important information that takes place (i.e. scheduled maintenance or updates that take place).

3.  Your Courses will appear here when they are created.  Your courses will be organized into semesters.  Click the down arrow down arrow to expand the view for all your courses.  The default availability time for your courses is the first day of class and approximately one week after the end of finals.  Please contact your instructor to inquire if you may be allowed to view course content before class begins or after it ends.

4. Alert widgets This is the Notification Area, which contains new pages, updates from classes, and discussion board alerts. You can access each one of these by clicking and accessing the drop down menu.

  • page notification When you receive a new page, a notification will show up here. For more information on using the pager, click here.

  • update notification New updates will appear when a dropbox opens or is near closing, a teacher posts a grade on an assignment, or a discussion board has been created. 

  • chat notification In D2L you have the ability to subscribe to certain discussion boards, and notifications will appear here when new messages or responses have been posted on that topic/board.


  • When you receive a new page, class update, or discussion board message a red dot will appear. When you click on the new alert, a drop down menu will appear. Clicking on any notification will take you to that specific page. For example if you clicked on any of the updates in the picture below, you would be taken to the grades page of that class.  

new update alerts

5. profile dropdown By clicking on your name, a drop down menu will appear. This menu is how you edit your profile, access/set your preferences, and logout. Click here for a more information about your D2L profile and preferences

6. ETSU Favorites 

 ETSU favorites

This widget contains links to useful ETSU websites.  This widget was created by the D2L administrator and cannot be removed.

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