To access your Pager in D2L you can click the Pager icon from the top navigation bar of your D2L Course Home.


The Pager Tool allows any D2L user to get in touch with any other D2L user in a format more immediate than email.  The Pager is an excellent tool to get a quick answer from an online classmate or your instructor or to ask another user to check his or her email.  The Pager will also display your online status so classmates can know when your online.

Pager Homepage

Upon clicking the Pager Icon a new window will open with the Pager Homepage.

pager homepage 


1. Inbox: This is where all pager messages will appear. 

pager inbox


2. Friends: This screen will allow you send messages to contacts you have added as "friends". To send a new message, select the user you wish to contact. Next, click send message.

 friends tab and how to send a new page

After clicking message, the following screen will appear and you are ready to send a new message!

send a new page

3. Classlist: This page allows you to view your different classes (click the drop down menu to browse through different classes) and the members in each class. You can page any of the class members the same way you do so on the friends tab (1. Select the user, 2. Click message).

classlist tab 

4. Settings: The pager settings allow you to filter and sort your friends list, inbox, friends, and classlist: 

  • Friends List Filter: You can choose to view which friends are online, offline, or view all of your friends. 
  • Inbox: Sort by sent date, first name, or last name. 
  • Friends: Sort by first or last name. 
  • Classlist: Sort by first or last name. 

pager settings

5. Add Friends: Upon clicking on the add friends, you will have the option to search for your friends on D2L and add them to your friends list. 

add friends


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