Spring Course Offerings

Winter/ Spring 2014 ENVS Minor Course Offerings

I. Required Courses -- offered Spring 2014

ENVS 2010 Environment in Appalachia 
TR 9:45am-11:05am - Olson

        OR . . .

ENVH 3010-001 Human Ecology
TR 11:15am-12:35pm - Instructor TBA

ENVS 4950-001 Integrative Seminar in Environmental Studies
MWF 10:25-11:20am - O'Donnell

II. Guided Electives -- offered Spring 2014

A. Science courses

BIOL 1010/11 Biology for Non-majors I (or BIOL 1110/11 for Biology for Science Majors I) (4 cr hours)
Various sections offered. See schedule of classes.

ENVH 3400-001 Introduction to Air Pollution
MWF 8:15-9:10am - Metts

ENVH 4000-001 Public Health Law
TR 11:15am-12:35pm - Silver

GEOL 3481 Natural Hazards and Society

TR 9:45-11:05am - Gregg

SCED 4020 Wildlife Conservation
sec. 1: TR 8:15-9:35am - Redmond

sec. 2: TR 9:45-11:05am - Redmond

B. Humanities / social science courses

HIST 3510 Appalachia & Coal Mining
sec. W01 -- WINTER SESSION Special online class - Olson

ENGL 3050-001 Literature and the Environment
MWF 12:35-1:30pm - O'Donnell

ENGL-4340-201 Topics in Film: "Global Warming in Film and Fiction"

M 5:30-8:20pm - Waage

* HIST 4167 History of Southern Appalachia
TR 12:45-2:05pm - Nash

* Note: As a "guided elective," this course may count towards the environmental studies minor only with permission of the Director of the minor. Contact Dr. Kevin O'Donnell, odonnell@etsu.edu, 423 439-6679

MGMT 4657 Strategic Environmental Management in Business
TR 2:15-3:35pm - E. Stead

PHIL 3140 Environmental Philosophy

(prerequisites: Two PHIL courses at the 1000-2000 level or permission of the instructor--contact Dr. Green at greenj@etsu.edu)

TR 9:45-11:05am - Green

SALM 3110 Interpretation of Cultural and Natural Resources
TR 11:15am-12:35pm - Davis

SALM 3130 Natural Resource Management
TR 9:45-11:05am - Dotterweich