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Multicultural Center

Equity and Diversity

About Us
Student Access and Success Programs

The Office of Access and Student Success coordinates ETSU's student success programs for underrepresented students. The office sponsors the following programs:

  • QUEST for Success Program
  • BEST Mentoring Program
  • Diversity Educations
  • Discover ETSU

These program help to empower underrepresented students and help them feel comfortable and engaged on the ETSU campus. We have programming to help with a smooth transition from high school and support students over the course of their four years at ETSU through graduation. Come and establish a strong foundation and get involved with our student success programs. Please visit our website for more details. 

International Buccaneer Buddies and International Friends Program

International Buccaneer Buddies and International Friendship Program

Every year students from across the world come to ETSU to study, and they face the challenge of adjusting to living in a new country and culture. The Office of International Programs and Services at ETSU has two programs to help international students adjust to life at ETSU. These programs are the International Friendship Program (IFP) and the International Buccaneer Buddy Program (IBB).   

International Friendship Program(IFP)

New international students can apply for IFP and will be paired with an ETSU faculty or staff host who will:

  • Pick up the new international student at the airport,
  • feed and house the student the first night or two
  • help the new student move into their campus housing, and take them shopping for the things they might need for their housing.

Faculty, staff, or community persons interested in volunteering to be a host may apply or receive information about the program by emailing .

The International Buccaneer Buddy Program (IBB) pairs new international students with an American or international buddy for the first month of the semester to show them around campus and help answer questions about campus life and American culture. Students are also placed in small groups of around 30-50 students that include both American students and other international students. These groups engage in fun activities and experiences throughout the semester, fostering friendship and understanding between students from cultures and nations around the world. IBB celebrates the diversity that is represented at ETSU and values respect, kindness, and curiosity. IBB helps new international students to more quickly adapt to the life and culture here and have a richer experience of life in the USA.  American students interested in becoming a buddy for IBB may contact for information and applications. International students interested in IBB may contact the same email address.  For more information, please visit the IBB website and Facebook.

Office of Multicultural Affairs - Division of Student Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is responsible for creating and fostering a campus-wide climate of respect for each individual and advocating for a culturally diverse and non-discriminatory campus community. The Office of Multicultural Affairs embraces all students regardless of ethnicity, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation. Students receive many services through the office including counseling, academic advisement, numerous educational programs and social opportunities.

The office provides numerous formal and informal opportunities for students of color to learn about their history and take pride in their heritage. The office affirms and celebrates the diversity of the community through signature programs, cultural programs, and programs and services. The office also advises and collaborates with student organizations to enhance intercultural understanding while assisting the university community in acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, and values necessary to live and work in a changing, diverse, and global community.

Study Abroad/Exchange Programs - International Programs and Services

Studying abroad will help expose you to experiences that will provide you with an incredible new outlook on a countrys customs, natural wonders, museums, and landmarks. Take the time while you are a student to explore your world, study in a foreign country, and return home with a new perspective on your career and educational choices. Increase your understanding of other cultures and create a lifelong network of personal and professional relationships. With over 300 cost-effective study abroad opportunities in over 50 countries, studying abroad allows you to take classes overseas for the summer, a semester, or an entire year. Some programs even offer pre-approved credit toward your academic degree.

Discuss your global goals with the study abroad coordinator to tailor your area of study and destination choice to your budget. Please visit the Study Abroad website for more information.

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