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ETSU PEAKS Flier Campaign

ETSU PEAKS initiated a flier campaign in the Fall of 2010 to raise awareness of mental health on campus. Our posters focus on many topics, including depression, anxiety and stress, and suicide prevention.  Please feel free to share our materials and ideas!


Anti-Bullying Message
Positive Thinking
Positive Mental Health


Light at the End of the Tunnel
Don't Worry
Depression Hurts
Suicide Prevention
Positive Regard for Oneself




ETSU PEAKS Television Media Campaign

Broadcasting on campus television, including to all Housing and Residence Life televisions and the Culp Center, our TV AD campaign is a series of brief social media messages that provide information on mental health and well-being, and on local, regional and national prevention resources.


There is Help
Help a Friend: Slide 1 of 2
Help a Friend: Slide 2 of 2
Got Feelings


5 Min Break: Slide 1 of 2
5 Min Break: Slide 2 of 2
Relax: Slide 1 of 2
Relax: Slide 2 of 2


Helping Hand: Slide 1 of 3
Helping Hand: Slide 2 of 3
Helping Hand: Slide 3 of 3


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ETSU PEAKS has developed several brochures specifically for the needs of the student population and for specific student groups. Current topics include:


Coping with Stress
Coping with Stress
Mental Health Resources
Mental Health Resources


"African-American Students"      

African-American Students
African-American Students












Coping Cards

ETSU PEAKS has developed a series of "coping cards" to provide a convenient, and easy-to-carry source of information on mental health and suicide prevention resources.  Thus far, a coping card has been developed for the general campus community, and another version has been created targeting student veterans, members of military families and Military Science / ROTC students.

General Coping Card
General Coping Card
Military-Focused Coping Card
Military-Focused Coping Card



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