Research Core Facilities
College of Public & Allied Health

The Environmental Health Sciences Laboratory is housed in the Department of Environmental Health. The EHSL provides routine biological and chemical water, soil and air analyses for individuals, industries and local governments. Typical projects conducted by the EHSL include effluent toxicity tests, chemical and biological surveys of aquatic ecosystems, and indoor biological air surveys. Equipment available includes; atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Varian Spectra AA-20) with graphite furnace (GTA-96), two gas chromatographs with flame ionization and electron capture detectors (Varian 3700 series attached to the Waters SIM and 820 data capture system and Perkin-Elmer Autosystem GC), high performance liquid chromatograph (Waters equipped with a WISP 712 autosampler, model 486 Tunable Absorbance Detector, two model 501 HPLC pumps, a Waters SIM interfaced to the model 820 Baseline data capture system), SRI Model 8610 gas chromatograph with purge and trap and photoionozation and electron capture detectors, liquid scintillation counter with computerized data capture (Packard Tri-carb model 1500), two UV-vis Spectrophotometers (Milton Roy, Spectronic Genesys 5), fluorometer (Turner), one fluorescent microscope (Olympus), two phase contrast microscopes (Olympus) dissecting scopes, pH meters, centrifuges of all needed types, oxygen meters, conductivity meters, and many other instruments necessary for environmental analyses.